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25 July 2016

Why The Store Shelf Still Matters To CPG Marketers

How evolving lifestyles of consumers have led to interesting growth in the dairy category, and what this means for the future of milk.
21 July 2016

Embracing Value from Natural Capital

In 2015, Tetra Pak's Moving to the Front initiative, a foremost educational initiative to address the impacts of resource scarcity on businesses, introduced the Learning Labs series of events and activities. The newly released Learning Labs report highlights findings from this initiative and is part of Tetra Pak's commitment to inform and inspire others to take action. 
20 July 2016

Consumer Habits and the Future of Milk

Ten years ago, when refrigerators in most American households contained a single gallon of milk, consumers’ dairy decisions were rather simple.

These days, however, there are many more choices. Modern consumers are increasingly stocking their fridges and pantries with a variety of dairy beverages, ranging from organic and lactose-free varieties to value-added and flavored milks.

As the dairy category expands, what does it mean for the future of milk?
Food Protection
12 July 2016

The Packaged Tomato: A Chef’s Best Friend

Chefs have an interesting relationship with the tomato. When you want to do a nice sauce in the winter, you find yourself cursing the watery tomatoes grown in Sweden and yearning for the ripe, sun-warmed varieties in France or Italy.

The packaged tomato, on the other hand, is a Nordic chef’s best friend. Tailor-made for preservation, the tomato transforms during its shelf life and becomes very tasty and useful. Because of packaged options, we can cook without compromise all year round.
11 July 2016

Reducing Our Impact with Water Recovery

Amid rising prices and growing water scarcity, food manufacturers around the world are finding ways to increase their system-wide water efficiencies through recycling programs and other initiatives. 

In this article, we explore specific water conservation practices to help companies better manage resources and meet water recovery goals. 
24 June 2016

The Evolving Ton and the Circular Economy

U.S. corporate sustainability professionals are increasingly turning their attention to identifying recycling solutions for their packaging at end of use. There is a growing realization of the importance of having an effective recycling system as critical to the successful transition to a circular economy – a goal shared by many companies and governments alike.