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14 June 2017

Making Packaging Do More for the Environment

The food and beverage industry is evolving rapidly, as are available packaging options. Innovation and adaptation have become a top priority as companies strive to provide greater product value and meet consumers’ evolving demands for packaging that is convenient to use, fit for purpose, and environmentally friendly. Here's a look at some trends we're seeing.
05 June 2017

Celebrating World Environment Day with product innovations

Tetra Pak believes that, at their core, environmental problems are business problems. On the other hand, environmental excellence creates value for businesses in terms of revenue generation, cost reduction and brand equity, in addition to protecting our natural environment. Here's a look at some of Tetra Pak's newest innovations that are helping food and beverage manufactures reduce their environmental impact.
26 May 2017

How the Beverage Business Could be Impacted by Regulation

Lawmakers worldwide are considering, and in some cases passing, policies regulating sugar-sweetened beverages. In this article, we look at how legislation around the world is affecting the industry. 
22 April 2017

Earth Day – A Time to Reflect and Recommit

For Earth Day, Carton Council reflects on the progress our industry has made around carton recycling.
21 April 2017

Digital Transformation, Greening the Value Chain and an Unquenchable Thirst for Water: Top Takeaways from ProFood Tech

Tetra Pak showcased their complete end-to-end solutions at ProFood Tech in April. Here's a look at some highlights from the show.
28 March 2017

Tetra Pak Expands Services Offering for Food And Beverage Manufacturers

Tetra Pak® is now offering a full array of services to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve world-class manufacturing operations. These products and services go beyond providing parts and maintenance to offer full plant solutions and guidance from knowledgeable experts.