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30 November 2016

Quenching Consumer Thirst for Authenticity through Social Media

Social media provides a direct line between consumers and brands. People want to feel that the brands they support reflect their personal interests and aspirations, and juice companies have taken note. Read on to discover four social media trends we found in practice across Innocent, Vita Coco and Apple & Eve’s channels.
10 November 2016

Clean labels, the FDA and consumer trends: Are your ingredients adding up?

Consumers want more transparency and authenticity in their food and beverages, and government labeling requirements are following suit. How can your brand and products keep up and appeal to consumers’ changing attitudes?
14 October 2016

Do Consumers Really Want What They Say They Want?

Globally, the sustainable packaging market is expected to hit $244 billion by 2018. While this number reflects activities across a variety of industries, there’s little doubt that awareness and interest in sustainable packaging is growing, both in the food and beverage industry and beyond.

But do consumer purchasing behaviors related to sustainable packaging follow their opinions on the topic? In her latest article in Triple Pundit, Elisabeth Comere explores sustainability from the consumer’s perspective 
28 September 2016

New Business Models for Enabling the Circular Economy

New business models lie at the heart of the circular economy, a restorative or regenerative economic model in which resources are endlessly cycled back into supply chains and waste does not exist. Accenture has identified five circular business models companies can leverage – singly or in combination – to generate resource productivity improvements in innovative ways that also cut costs, generate revenue, and enhance customer value and differentiation.
26 September 2016

Nearing the Finish Line: How Pilot Plants help Companies Perfect Recipes before Production

In this Q&A, Alex Croy, Tetra Pak's pilot plant manager, shares an inside look at pilot testing and how this process can help food and beverage brands get new products to market faster.
21 September 2016

Partnering to Achieve Curbside Enthusiasm for Recycling

Recycling is more than placing a plastic bottle or paper into any receptacle featuring the familiar three-arrow logo. It is an important weapon in our fight against climate change. Our resource base is dwindling while greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Getting more packages to be recycled is an issue that will require concerted effort among local governments, industry end markets, haulers, material recovery facilities, converters and of course, companies creating recyclable packaging like Tetra Pak.